AGU 2023

Anuj Kushwaha, Hiren Solanki, and Gayathri Vangala made significant contributions at the AGU 2023 conference (San Francisco, CA) by presenting their research on multi-model-based hydrological modeling, data-driven hydrological modeling, paleoclimate reconstruction, and forest fires. Their work not only showcased the Earth Science Department's commitment to cutting-edge research but also added valuable insights to the global dialogue on climate change.

In a noteworthy highlight, the students actively engaged with IITGN alumni working as postdoctoral researchers and PhD scholars at prestigious international universities. These interactions not only facilitated knowledge exchange but also established connections that transcend geographical boundaries. The Earth Science Department takes pride in fostering a community that not only excels in academic pursuits but also actively contributes to global scientific discourse. The AGU23 conference served as a platform for our students to share their expertise, learn from peers, and forge collaborations that contribute to the advancement of Earth science on a global scale.

Blog Post written by:
Vimal Mishra