In short about our research

Earth Science is a multidisciplinary field that investigates the Earth system and its interactions with the human society. At IIT Gandhinagar, the Earth Science researchers aim to address fundamental and applied questions of Earth Sciences, such as the origin and evolution of the Earth, the dynamics of its interior and surface, the variability and change of its climate, and the impacts and challenges of its natural hazards. To achieve this, they employ a variety of methods and tools, ranging from field observations and experiments, to numerical modeling and satellite data analysis, to laboratory measurements and geochemical techniques. The research also covers a wide spectrum of topics, including climate change, geophysics, remote sensing, geodynamics, hydrology, and carbonate sedimentology. The Earth Science research at IIT Gandhinagar not only contributes to the advancement of scientific knowledge, but also to the societal and environmental well-being, by providing solutions for water security, energy sustainability, and disaster risk reduction

About us

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