Ph.D. in Earth  Science

Our Doctoral program

Welcome to our esteemed PhD program in Earth Sciences, where groundbreaking research and academic excellence converge. Our program offers a wealth of opportunities for aspiring scholars to delve into the depths of Earth Sciences, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation. With a diverse range of research areas, from Climate Change to Geophysics and Remote Sensing, you'll have the chance to explore and contribute to critical fields of study. Join us on a journey of discovery as we explore the Earth's mysteries and address pressing global challenges.

Research Areas:
Climate Change, Solid Earth Geophysics, Geothermal Energy, Geodynamic Modelling, Mineralogy and Mineral Physics, Statistical Seismology, River Science, Earth Surface Processes, Carbonate Depositional Systems, Natural Hazards and risk, Water Resources, Remote sensing & GIS, Numerical modeling of landscapes, High Pressure Metamorphism, Environmental Archaeology, Geoarchaeology, Harappan archaeology.

About us

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