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Carbonate Sedimentology Overview: Introduction to carbonates, historical overview, Carbonate chemistry and mineralogy, components, texture, fabric – rock classification. The carbonate factory: microbes and algae, single cells, shells, echinoderms and colonial invertebrates.

Carbonate Depositional Systems: Warm water neritic realms; Muddy Peritidal carbonates; Carbonate Lagoons; Sand Bodies; Evaporites, lacustrine, springs; Modern and Ancient Reefs; Carbonate Slopes; Deepwater Pelagic Carbonates; Coolwater neritic realms; Basics elements of carbonate stratigraphy; Sequence stratigraphy overview; Carbonate Ramps vs Platforms .

Porosity, Permeability, and Diagenesis: Carbonate diagenesis overview & chemistry; Diagenetic environments, Paragenetic sequence, Burial graphs; Porosity types and classification.

Applications: Carbon budgeting; Carbon sequestration and Geothermal energy (w.r.t. carbonates).

Case Studies: 1 – Permian Basin, Texas; 2 – Bahamas, modern carbonates


Identification and analysis of carbonate rock samples in hand specimens and thin sections. Stratigraphic and sequence stratigraphic exercises to understand spatial and temporal evolution of carbonate depositional systems. Introduction to stratigraphic Modelling Software -Dionisos. Identification of diagenetic (secondary changes) with carbonate rocks in thin sections that influence their petrophysical properties (porosity and permeability).

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Pankaj Khanna

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