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Course Description

• Introduction: Introduction to earth surface processes and historical development in concepts, Source of energy, Mass conservation and geomorphic transport laws, Process interaction in shaping the earth surface, Nonlinear and complex behavior of earth systems.

• Specific Earth Surface Processes: Weathering and formation of soils, karst, slope and catchment erosion processes, fluvial, eolian, glacial, periglacial and coastal processes, and resultant landforms, Water and sediment flux in river systems. An introduction to the earth surface of India.

• Process Dynamics and controls: Rates and changes in surface processes; Techniques for process measurement, Geochronology of surface and its sediments. Earth system response to external controls i.e. tectonics, sea level/base level change. Geomorphic connectivity, time lag and complexity in signal propagation, Landscape evolution models, Evolutionary trajectory of the landscapes in response to external forcing. Predictability of Earth’s surface processes.

• Anthropocene: Anthropocene in the context of formal geological classification, Signature for the Anthropocene, Human as an external forcing on Earth’s surface processes, Natural hazards and resource management in Anthropocene; Nonlinear behavior of earth systems and challenges in natural resource managements.

Teachers / Speakers

Vikrant Jain
Professor, Head-of-Department

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