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The main topics for lectures covered would be:

Origin of Earth: Overview of planet formation with emphasis on Earth, meteorites, layers of the earth, Earth’s magnetic field.

Origin and Evolution of Life: Fossils, Formation and evolution of life, Geological time scale.

Minerals and Rocks : Major Earth forming minerals.

Introduction to Petrology: Igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks.

Energy and Natural Resources : Mechanical, thermal, chemical, mineral deposits, oil and natural gas resources, coal reserves.

Material and energy cycles: Rocks/ plates/heat/hydrological/carbon.

Plate tectonics, mantle convection and geochemical signatures, water and carbon cycle.

Natural Hazards and Sustainability : Types and causes of Natural Hazards, risk assessment, climate change and sea-level rise, mitigation and policy making.

Lab Sessions: Identifications of rocks, minerals, and fossils.  Powder X-Ray Diffraction data analysis.

Field visit : Students would be taken to a mine/ oil well site.

Teachers / Speakers

Rajkrishna Dutta

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