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1. Physical fields of the Earth

Gravitational field, Geomagnetic field; Electromagnetic field, Seismic wave-field, Thermal field, Fluid flows.

2. Properties of the Earth and processes

Elastic theory and wave-propagation, ray-paths in layered   medium, seismic waves. Electrical properties (conductivity, resistivity, electrical polarization) of the rocks; Magnetic properties of rocks, soils, Remanent magnetization; Gravity anomalies,  Earth’s heat, temperature inside the Earth; Heat transport in the Earth.

3. Measurements and signal processing of geophysical fields

Gravimeter and gravity measurements, microgravity survey, Satellite based gravity measurements, working principle of magnetometer, seismometer, GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), magneto-telluric, induced polarization and self-potential. Models of noises in geodata.  Signal processing (Fourier, maximum entropy, autoregressive and moving average) methods for noisy data.

4. Methods of geophysical interpretation

Direct and inverse including tomography methods for interpretation of gravity, magnetic, electrical, GPR, electromagnetic, Seismic reflection and refraction data processing and interpretation.

5. Applications

Applications of geophysical methods in the field of groundwater, geotechnical, civil infrastructure, mining, hydrocarbon exploration. Existing data of gravity, electrical and magnetic surveys will be used to demonstrate the selected cases studies for data processing and interoperation. 

Teachers / Speakers

Utsav Mannu

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