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Module One : Physio-chemical Oceanography, Ocean Circulation and Dynamics

1.Oceans, their divisions, distribution, characteristics (temp, Salinity, and density), and masses. Ocean observation concepts and techniques

2.Chemical properties and biology in the ocean; Photosynthetic Primary production and light; Primary production and Nutrients; Geographic variations in primary production

3.Ocean Circulation and Dynamics II:  Ocean-atmosphere Interactions (water and heat budget; Interannually climate variations El Nino and other Oscillations; climate and ocean surface water properties

4.Ocean Circulation and Dynamics I: Ocean Circulation (Wind-driven currents; Open ocean surface currents; Equatorial surface currents; High Latitude surface currents; Upwelling and Downwelling; Coastal currents;  Eddies; Thermohaline Circulation; The conveyor Belt

5.Ocean Circulation and Dynamics III: Waves and Tides; Summarizing Module 1 with the global fluxes and the deep circulation

Module Two : Paleoceanography

1.Introduction to Ocean and its evolution through time and its influence on Climate.

2.K/T boundary (Chixulub + Deccan Basalts) and Early Paleogene (carbon addition and global warming

3.Antarctica Glaciation and influence on Ocean and Global Change (Eocene-Oligocene Boundary);  Messinian Salinity Crises (Miocene)

4.The last glacial maxima and deglaciation, and Younger Dryas.

5.OAE’s (Ocean Anoxic Events

Module Three: Anthropogenic effects on Ocean and Global Change

1.Sea-level fluctuations and Coastlines

2.Coral reefs and Ocean Acidification; Plastic Pollution

3.Future Predictions on Ocean and Global Change


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Pankaj Khanna

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