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Dynamics of Atmosphere

  1. Dynamics of a rotating system, Vorticity
  2. Laws of conservation and governing motions of Atmosphere
  3. Scale analyses of Equation of Motions of Atmosphere.
  4. Inertial flow, geostrophic and gradient winds, thermal wind. Divergence and vertical motion Rossby, Richardson, Reynolds and Froude numbers.

Physical Meteorolgy

  1. Thermodynamics of Dry Atmosphere
  2. Thermodynamics of moist atmosphere (Clausius – Clapeyron equation, adiabatic process of moist air; thermodynamic diagrams: Hydrostatic equilibrium: Hydrostatic equation)
  3. Radiation basic laws (Emission and absorption of terrestrial radiation), Rayleigh and Mie Scattering,

Surface layer and PBL Processes

Monsoon Dynamics

  1. Dynamics of South-west monsoon
  2. Semi-permanent features of SW Monsoon
  3. Monsoon transients (lows, depressions, MTC)
  4. Monsoon Intra-seasonal Oscillation (ISOs)
  5. Orographic rainfall in monsoon
  6. Large scale drivers of SW Monsoon

Introduction to Numerical Weather Prediction

Introduction to Climate Model and representation of Physical Processes

Tropical Cyclones: Global climatology, Cyclogenesis, Role of ocean on Cyclogenesis, Physical processes during intensification, maturity, dissipation and landfall

Teachers / Speakers

Parthasarathi Mukhopadhay
Adjunct Professor

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