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  1.  Biodiversity and Ecosystem: 
  • Introduction: Elements and levels of biodiversity and its significance; 
  • Ecosystems and ecosystem diversity: Components of an Ecosystem, Food Chains and Food Web; 
  • Important units of conservation: natural units and legally declared units; 
  • Biodiversity Conservation: Relevance, Extinction of species, IUCN Red Data List, Different Schedules of Wildlife (Protection) Act; 
  • Examples of Ecosystem Conservation: Mangroves, Coral and Coral reefs, Wetlands, Saline desert of Little Rann of Kachchh, Grasslands; 
  • Case study discussions about extinction of important species

  1. Policies and Legal framework for obtaining environmental clearances for developmental projects 
  • Evolution of Policy and legal framework related to the rights and privileges of local communities- Panchayats (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act (PESA), 1996, Forest Rights Act 2006; 
  • Introduction to important laws for conservation of forests, wildlife, biodiversity, environment etc.; 
  • Legal framework for obtaining environmental clearances for developmental projects

  1. Sustainable Development
  • Concept, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Targets; 
  • Sustainable Development, Biodiversity conservation and community; Stakeholders, Social, Economic and Political process vis a vis Conservation; 
  • Sustainable Development for a wildlife landscape- Man-animal conflicts, wildlife friendly infrastructure and development;
  • Dependence of local communities on Natural resources; Joint Forest Management, Participatory Approaches to the management of Forests and Wildlife;

Teachers / Speakers

CN Pandey
Professor of Practice

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