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Introduction to Electromagnetic spectrum and Microwave Radiation: Emission of IR and microwave radiation from earth surfaces, Ocean and atmosphere; microwave scattering and reflection from surface of the Ocean and the atmosphere. Radiation Laws, Black body radiation and Brightness temperature,Types of the Microwave Sensors and examples

Microwave Radiometry and Radiative Transfer: Radiometer and retrieval of Ocean parameters such as SST, salinity , Wind speed etc.; Radiometry sounding of the atmosphere and retrieval of Temp and Humidity of the atmosphere; Microwave Limb Sounding Concept and measurements; Radiometric applications to Earth surfaces

Radar principles and Meteorological Applications: Radar equation, radar cross section, block diagram of Doppler weather radar; Precipitation measurements

Scatterometry and Applications: Scatterometer Model Function, theoretical basis of measurements, sigma nought, effect of precipitation on back scattering coefficient, wind vector retrieval, cryosphere studies, frequencies of measurements, accuracy of measurements, validation etc.

Basics of Radar Altimetry; Atmospheric correction and retrieval of Wave Height, Wind speed, Ocean currents, Sea level

Introduction to Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Applications: Concepts of aperture synthesis; range, azimuth resolution; controlling factors of radar backscatter, dielectric constant, surface roughness, penetration depth etc.

Application to soil, vegetation and sea ice

Concept of SAR interferometry and its applications.

Teachers / Speakers

Prem Chand Pandey
Adjunct Professor

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